Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Music Discovery: Dan Franklin

Photo Credit: Noel Ferreira
When you meet BFFs through music, you're obligated to check out other bands and musicians they recommend. It's only fair--you message them daily with your song and artist recommendations. After all, you connected on one band--why can't you on another? So you dutifully complete your music BFF role of listening to the artists they send to you. Some are your taste, some aren't, but you're happy to fangirl along with your friend because, well, that's what music BFFs do.

But then...your friend sends you one that really moves you. That's what happened when my Noel (one of my fellow Lamplighters) introduced me to Dan Franklin's music and promised me I wouldn't be disappointed. So this really isn't my discovery, but hers, and I'm so glad she shared it with me.

I immediately connected with his song "Live to Dream Again," from his first album Best Ride of Your Life. I loved his voice, the music, and the inspirational lyrics. If you've read my blog before, you know that the lyrics are what solidify my love for an artist.

Well, to further impress me, Mr. Franklin recently completed a new album that he wrote and recorded all on his own--and in only three days. In addition to the album, The Live to Dream Project, he teamed up with filmmaker Paul Cargamilla to make a documentary of the entire creative process of making the album. The Kickstarter intro video that explains the entire project begins with Dan stating that he is a storyteller--and from the lyrics of his songs to the videos that accompany them, the stories he tells are inspiring me to continue writing my own. 

You can more about Dan's and his music on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and his website. His albums can be purchased on iTunes and Amazon