Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Poems&Pictures: I Can't Afford Europe

out of a café window in a town
I’ve never been to before
the street storm splashes sheets
of violence, weddings, poetry, and folklore

I put down my pen and stare at him
watching as he participates
in a parade made for those with broken eyes
for those of which he imitates

I bury my thoughts of going to Europe
burn my tongue with my scalding drink
I walk out to stun the sun with my appearance
today, I’m going to make history, I think

the smell of wet concrete lingers
remains, like the taste of a tainted love’s kiss
I step up to him to announce my intentions
of becoming a pirate, especially on days like this

I’m out here on this street
dodging brides and grooms and pens
and forlorn poets dressed in black like me
and reach out to hail a cab to follow him

I dig up my thoughts of going to Europe
pay the driver with my last pound
(the one I got from London from her)
with my last sonnet I say take me down town