Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Inspiring Blogs: The Nerdy Girlie

I first started reading The Nerdy Girlie blog about two years ago, when I was introduced to it by interacting with my fellow Lamplighters {fans of the band A Silent Film}. My first impression was that this girl was fun, outgoing, and definitely someone I would have a lot in common with. Then I realized that she, too, was a Lamplighter. I reached out to her, tentatively, and asked for blog advice. And then, one day, we started talking about more than the blog. Megan and I started talking about our love of music--specifically our mutual love for A Silent Film--which led to talking about writing, and then, about why we write. And why we write is why we live--and now, we talk every day about life. 

Megan's blog is definitely nerdy, definitely girly, and so much fun you could camp out on her blog all day. But it's also about life, and the art and the people that come in and out of life that touch it and help shape it. So it's only natural that Megan's blog is the first I spotlight here as one that has inspired me to continue blogging.

What inspired you to start a blog? 
I was inspired to begin my blog in 2012 after attending my fourth San Diego Comic Con. Having been for the last four years I thought I would be able to help new comers and veterans alike at discovering how to have the best time at the con. From there it grew into writing about all of my favorite nerdy things and in this past year opening up about my personal journey.

Who is your audience (who are your readers)? 
My audience is nerds! All the nerds! Everyone is nerdy about something and I want to share mine and connect with my readers!

If you had to choose only one feature of your blog to share with the world, what would it be? 
As of this year, my favorite series on my blog and Instagram account is 100 Cups of Coffee. The series chronicles my first year of divorce. Discovering who I really want to be, the direction I want my life to take and the people I’ve met and have supported me through out it all.

What are your tips for gaining readers? 
My tips for gaining readers is always being honest, writing in your own voice and connecting via socials and your comments section. Make sure you are writing pieces that give something to your readers and that they can connect with.

What are some of your favorite blogs? 
I have SO many favorite blogs! All of them I follow on Twitter, so check them out there, but my go to daily blogs are: Being Geek Chic, Crazy 4 Comic Con, The Nerd Fu, An Englishman in SDCC and Studio DIY.

You can find out more about Megan on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and don't forget to go to her blog!