Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Poems&Pictures: Windtalker

Like an old vinyl record
It skipped and scratched
But then tore down the bars
of your night prison
no patience to look for a key
It rose you like a resurrection
And you landed abruptly
Into its transparent arms
With one hand digging deep
Forcing you to your knees
As if you still had words for a prayer
A dreamwalker, windtalker
Its whisper more intoxicating
Than anything you’d ever drunk
Before, so when the wind
Spread itself across your floor
Your soul opened like a flower

But its coldness like snow caps
Blew into your lungs
And it threaded its frozen fingers
Through your fanned-out hair
And across your parting lips
But your voice, it was muted but it--

The storm slowly subsided
And the wind passed by like death
the ghost of it leaving an ache
in the core you had torn open
So you wrote a requiem for a song