Sunday, July 12, 2015

Book Review: Veils and Vengeance by Rachelle J. Christensen

**There might be spoilers in here! Don't read this review unless you have already read Diamond Rings are Deadly Things, the first book in Rachelle J. Christensen's Wedding Planner mystery series. You can read my review of Diamond Rings here.

I'm glad I already had my copy of Rachelle J. Christensen's Veils and Vengeance when I finished her first book, Diamond Rings are Deadly Things. Christensen tied up that novel nicely, although I was left wondering what would happen between wedding planner Adrielle Pyper and divorce attorney Luke Stetson. Don't worry, he does return in this novel, but I won't tell you if your curiosity is satisfied. You'll have to read for yourself.

There are many reasons why you should pick up the second book in Christensen's series--not just to find out if Adri and Luke end up together. Christensen remains true to Adri's character, who is smart and sassy and inquisitive, albeit a bit more cautious about who she gives her heart to. Christensen set this novel in Hawaii, and, as she did in the first book, painted her descriptions of the landscape  phenomenally, making the reader feel as if they can see the white sand, hear the roaring ocean, and smell the fresh flowers. Additionally, the plot in this story is even more clever than the first book and Christensen keeps you guessing at every turn of the page--and you'll want to keep turning them until you reach the end.

Adri sets off to Hawaii to plan the wedding for  the cousin of the aforementioned Luke Stetson. When she gets there, she's swept into a tropical vacation with the bride, groom, and the groom's family. They take her snorkeling for the first time, and when Adri dives deep into the ocean to enjoy the sights of sea life, she comes face to face--literally--with the body of an auburn-haired, green-eyed young woman. After Adri surfaces and is brought ashore, she cannot stop thinking about who the woman was and why she was murdered. The woman haunts Adri's dreams and although she has enough on her plate in waking life--including a mysterious, cruel, and bully of a woman, Mrs. Amelia Harper, who is bent on ruining all of the carefully-laid plans Adri has made for her client's dream wedding in Hawaii, Adri makes solving the woman's murder one of her priorities.

As Adri tries to hold her ground against Amelia, ward off waking nightmares of the dead woman, and juggle her emotions for the groom's brother and Luke, she proves to be the same intelligent woman from the first book. When Adri finds both her life and heart in precarious situations, she doesn't look to be rescued--she fights. 

Veils and Vengeance is a great summer read, perfect for the beach. You can find out more about Rachelle J. Christensen and her books on Facebook, Twitter, her blog and website, her craft-based website, Goodreads and Amazon.