Friday, June 5, 2015

Concert Review: John Allred

I got a text from my sister-in-law telling me that our favorite local singer-songwriter, John Allred, was playing a show in Salt Lake. Allred is the frontman for Forest Eyes, a band I saw in Provo two months ago. She really wanted me to go and see him play solo, because she had discovered him when he played a  previous solo show, and afterwards had introduced me to his music. I was only too happy to oblige. After some stressful moments of organizing a babysitter for my two girls at the last minute, I was off to Salt Lake. Allred was playing at Kilby Court, a venue I had been to but had not seen a show at (I'll have to write about my band Royal Teeth and why I couldn't go in... it had to do with those two littles I mentioned above...)

As we were waiting for the show, I almost literally ran into Allred and he greeted me warmly. He asked if I was writing and shooting for the blog, and I replied that of course I would be mentioning his show on the blog but unfortunately I didn't bring my good camera. I love my iPhone and all, but I was really wishing I had brought my Canon. That's when Allred asked me if I'd use his Sony A7 (eek) to shoot some photos of the show. Uh...yes. Of course.

I ended up shooting throughout the entire show, but I didn't miss anything like I sometimes do when trying to shoot and listen at the same time. The show was very intimate, and I didn't have to jostle my way around people to get good shots. He played four songs off his album Forest Eyes and two new songs, "Someone to Rely On" and "When I Die." The latter he admitted was a bit depressing, but I thought it was hauntingly beautiful. 

When he played "Anymore," he ended by singing into the guitar--yes, if you're a musician you will know what I mean and it probably has a technical name, and if you're not a musician, see the photo on the left. It captures a lot about that moment--except for the sound. The craftsmanship of the music and the artistry of the set left the crowd speechless as the bittersweet notes lingered longer than expected. 

John Allred has several shows scheduled in Utah this summer. Check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website for music and tour information.

Charity, John, and me. After the show we got to chat with him for a bit, and we of course had to fangirl and selfie it. John took the pic, so I really can't take credit for this one.