Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Concert Review: The Young Wild

I always love seeing a band for the first time, especially if I have waited awhile for them to come to my area. I was introduced to The Young Wild by Megan, my fellow Lamplighter (member of A Silent Film's fan group).

The Young Wild is a rock band who hail from the San Diego and Los Angeles areas. Their EP, For Now Not Forever, features their single "Moment Goes." I first heard them on Soundcloud and knew by the first chorus that this was a band I could really get into. It was their song "Silhouette" that convinced me this was a talented group of musicians and one of my new favorite bands.

I originally thought I was going to see YW in December, but due to unfortunate events that tour was canceled. Luckily their new tour, with the band Jared & the Mill, came to Salt Lake. They played at the State Room, one of my favorite venues. The show was 21+, so no need to queue early, which I am always grateful for. They were the second band on stage, and although I was anxious to see them perform I was glad I could practice a bit with my new camera. I got some good shots of the opening band and wish I could have kept my cool for YW. I was so excited when they came on stage that I'm afraid I gave my poor camera a terrible workout. But I got a few good ones, so be sure to check out the photo gallery (particularly the one of Gareth Moore, the bassist, which turned out really cool, and I'm pretending I meant for it to be that way).

Their set, though, was amazing. They opened with "Used to It" and followed with "Ways We Have to Go," both of which can be found on their EP. I was snapping photos but had to stop when they played "Silhouette" and also for "Not a One," their new single. That song dares you not to clap your hands and stomp your feet. They also played a brand new song, "Out of the Wild,"which is not yet available but I cannot wait until it is. When they closed with "Moment Goes," I had to put the camera away and just be in that moment where the music moved me. My hands were up and I was singing along and when the song ended and the set was done, I immediately couldn't wait to see them again. This young band plays with their heart and I am looking forward to what's in store for them in the future.

Find more about The Young Wild on Facebook and Twitter. Their For Now Not Forever EP and "Not a One" single can both be purchased on iTunes.