Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Music Discovery: Brumby

Oliver Tingey at Velour Live Music Gallery
You know when you go to see one band and as an added bonus find a new band? It's the best, and that's what happened on the night I went to see Forest Eyes (see my review of them here).  Since it was a girls' night out and we had husbands home with the kids, we were planning on watching the bands after Forest Eyes. Almost as soon as Brumby took the stage, their energy, particularly from Oliver Tingey, the lead singer, and their infectious sound hooked me. I found myself click-clicking with my camera, the excitement from the crowd and the liveliness from the band feeding my enthusiasm (and thus plenty of my pictures ended up being blurry because I was jumping around).

A bit of quick research revealed that the band consists of Oliver Tingey, who I met after the show and who was very gracious, Spencer Tingey, Tyler Tingey, and Dylan Self. They are considered western rock, and their sound reminds me a bit of country rock like Steve Earle. You can find out more about Brumby, as I will be, on Facebook or their website. Their EP can be purchased on iTunes, featuring "High Waters," a song that has been pleasantly stuck in my head since the show.