Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Forest Eyes: Concert Review

John Allred at the Velour
Provo, Utah might not seem like the place where a musician could make it big, but it has helped bands such as Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees along their path. If such success can happen for them, then there is certainly hope for it happening for the Salt Lake City/Provo based folk rock band, Forest Eyes. Headed by singer/songwriter John Allred, Forest Eyes plays songs that tell stories set to music that reach the listener's heart. According to his website, he worked under his surname, "Allred," for about 10 years, and has recently formed the band Forest Eyes with Aaron Child (lead guitar), Jordan Adams (bass), and Chad Rexton (drums). I was introduced to John Allred's music by my sister-in-law, Charity, who knows (and can testify!) of my love of music. She saw Allred in January and sent me a text as soon as the show was over. She knew I'd love his music - and she was right.

Allred is a multi-talented musician. As I said to a friend of mine, "He can play! Guitar, harmonica, and tambourine!" Allred's voice is sometimes angelic, and sometimes pleasantly strained like the devil's vocal chords. At times it reminds me of Jason Wade's from Lifehouse, but at other times it's so unique I can't believe I would make such a comparison. I've since attended two of Allred's shows (and plan on attending many, many more), most recently this past Friday night in Provo. 

Aaron Child
Forest Eyes opened for Westward the Tide and Brumby at Velour Live Music Gallery, a small, quaint venue that is probably best known for hosting Imagine Dragons - before they were huge and also as recently as February of this year. When John Allred and his bandmates (Adams and Rexton were not playing that night; Adam Kaiser was on bass and Eric Watson was on drums) came on stage, a chorus of cheers erupted from the crowd.  They opened their set with "Seven Seas" and gave the crowd chills with their haunting song "Oh My God," particularly when Child traded his guitar for a cello. As they were ending their set, Allred stated that two fantastic bands were coming up, a girl in the audience shouted, "Not as good as you!" Obviously, Forest Eyes has some fans - and they aren't quiet about it, which can only help Forest Eyes. They closed with my favorite song of theirs, entitled "Forest Eyes" as well.

You can find Forest Eyes on Facebook under Forest Eyes or Allred, and purchase their music on iTunes. You can find out more about John Allred on his website, including upcoming tour dates. If you're in Northern Utah, a trip to the Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City on May 28th will be well worth your time to see Forest Eyes perform.