Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why I Can't Write a Post Today

I can't write a blog post today.

You see, the past 72 hours have been kind of a blur. Baby will not let me out of her sight for even a moment (why do I still think I can have any privacy as a mom?), doesn't really want to play, isn't eating well, and refuses to sleep. Teething? Sick? Going through a phase? Was Kid like this ?(Uh, yes, but that is now a blur, too.) I can't get anything done, because Miss Stays-Awake won't let me. Miss Clingy-Britches won't let me set her down. Miss Throws-Her-Food won't eat quietly in her high chair.

This would be a lot easier if my partner-in-crime were home, but, alas (because who hasn't wanted to use that word in their writing?), he's off, you know, being the breadwinner. His breadwinning stretches last four to five days, and I usually don't need a break until day four. However, when Miss No-Nap-For-Me screams at the top of her lungs because I go to the bathroom/take a shower/cook dinner/help Kid/basically anything that doesn't involve holding her, I. Need. A. Break.

She is currently crawling around my bed, trying to get to my laptop or my face...not sure yet.

That's why I can't write a blog post today.

Baby, please feel better. Baby..........\=]


Yep, it was the laptop she wanted, as evidenced by her helpful addition to this not-a-blog-post.

At least her addition looks like a smiley emoticon.

Photo disclaimer: This photo was not taken tonight. It was taken on a peaceful, slumber-filled night.