Friday, January 23, 2015

The Nerdy Girlie's 5 Fandom Friday: Songs that Changed My Life

This week's 5 Fandom Friday is the five songs that changed my life. It has been so hard to come up with just five songs, but I've managed to pare down my list to the ones that I think have truly made an impact on who I am today. 

The first one, though, is easy.

Push, Matchbox 20
I'm a 90's teen. This was MB20's second single from their first album, Yourself or Someone Like You, and it's the one that made me stop and really listen to lyrics. I had already been dabbling in teenage-angst poetry for some time, but when I heard this song, it changed the way I wrote. It was my anthem. In fact, Rob Thomas (see my 5 Fandoms that Made Me Who I Am Today) changed my life. His words gave me the inspiration and courage to be who I wanted to be, to do what I wanted to do, and to pursue dreams that I almost didn't dare to dream before. Rob Thomas even inspired the way I dressed back then (black, including the nail polish and thick eyeliner)! He was my man before I had my hubby. He's still kind of my man. :) 

Somewhere In Between, Lifehouse
Lifehouse is one of those bands that exploded into the popular scene and over the years have popped back up with some big songs. My favorite album is their first one, No Name Face. This song comes from that album, and I listened to it on repeat during college when I was struggling with several huge decisions. Many of their songs graced my and my husband's wedding album, so they will always be "our" band.

Angels on the Moon, Thriving Ivory
I really do love a lot of music. There are a lot of bands I am really into. But then...there are bands that change the course of my life. Thriving Ivory was one of them. Quite honestly, I hadn't loved a band as much as I did Thriving Ivory since my MB20 days. Sadly, I found out about them a little late, and they broke up shortly after I saw them live for the first time. Happily, three of the guys have reformed as Midnight Cinema. It was because of these guys that I found A Silent Film. And it is because of A Silent Film...(see my next song!)

Anastasia, A Silent Film
I write a lot about A Silent Film. I write a lot while listening to A Silent Film. The truth is, A Silent Film has impacted my life for the better. I wrote an epic about them here. Out of all their fantastic songs (they really are all amazing - every single one of them), I chose "Anastasia" because from the first note, I knew it would be the song to inspire me in graduate school and the choices I would make (am making!) after. 

Handwritten, The Gaslight Anthem
I am a recent convert to The Gaslight Anthem. I literally cannot stop listening to them. Brian Fallon (singer/songwriter/guitarist) is one of the most amazing songwriters in music today. He's a poet after my little writing heart. This song is my new anthem for how and why I write. "With this pen I thee wed/my heart to your distress" is one of the most perfect lines ever written. I am so excited to see them live for the first time! March 23rd!

What 5 songs changed your life?