Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Soundtrack: #amwriting

I am always intrigued when I see other writers list music as one of their biggest inspirations for writing. Not that I ever thought I was a novelty with that, but I always like checking out new bands, so if the authors I enjoy mention a band, I'm most likely going to check the band out. I have to have music when I'm writing. It sparks ideas and conjures up emotions, putting me in my, as I like to call it, weirdo writing mind, a place outside this world and inside myself. I can't imagine my writing, or my life, for that matter, without music. I'm not a musician, but it puts notes in my pen and guides it to poetry.

I am currently writing my thesis for my Master of Arts. My thesis is a novel - literally. The number one song that is guiding my pen for this novel is "Get Hurt" by The Gaslight Anthem.

Ok, let me just put this out there - I am slightly obsessed with GA. My husband will attest to this. Every time we're in the car, it's on. When I escape from the kids to take a shower, it's on. When I need the feels, it's on. I am a latecomer to Gaslight. Their first album came out in 2008, and I JUST discovered them. I'm still a bit baffled by why I hadn't heard them sooner, although their music reminds me of the bands I listened to as a teen and young adult, so it might be that their music didn't cross my current genre line. Until now. Right when I needed it.

My thesis is a fantasy novel about a young woman who is cursed to physically feel others' emotions. "Get Hurt" is the perfect song to listen to as I explore my ideas. There are so many other songs that inspire me to write, too, so I decided to compile a soundtrack to my novel (and when it's finished, and made into that major film, the soundtrack will be all ready!...Right?). 

Here are my top 10 right now (really in no particular order) ...although I know more will be added.

1. "Get Hurt," The Gaslight Anthem

2. "Counting Down," Midnight Cinema

3. "Settle Down," The 1975

4. "Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat," A Silent Film

5. "Flares," The Script

6. "Stay," Royal Teeth

7. "Love," American Authors

8. "Mae," The Gaslight Anthem (yep, again)

9. Bastille, "Sleepsong" 

10. "Sleep Child Sleep," The Reynolds Number

Bonus. "Where Snowbirds Have Flown," A Silent Film (because ASF, of course)