Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Nerdy Girlie's Fandom Friday! Characters I Want at Thanksgiving...or Any Holiday Party

I have missed a few of The Nerdy Girlie's 5 Fandom Fridays, so today, I thought I'd catch up on a few. I love this one: Characters I Would Invite to My Thanksgiving Feast. I'll just say "Holiday" since Thanksgiving was about a week ago. 

1. Severus Snape. I know he's awful, but that's why I like him so much. Would he make good dinner conversation? Probably not. He'd be surly and terse and probably have terrible things to say about my beloved Harry, but he is the perfect complicated character and I just want to get into his head.

2. The Phantom. Ok, another awful guy, I know. He'd be broody and mopey but he could write one hell of an after dinner song and, although I can't sing, I'd still try to make music of the night.

3. George Costanza. He's neurotic and obsessive but he'd make me feel better about myself. Plus, I'd probably laugh my arse off the entire time because of his insane antics. Or want to lace the drinks with poison. Either way...

4. Enna from Shannon Hale's Enna Burning. This is my favorite book by Hale, and Enna is my favorite character. Enna is smart, skilled, and, yes, a bit troubled and caught up being in love with the wrong guy. However, she figures out that her weakness is actually a strength. She's the type of girl I want to be friends with. Or be.

5. Thranduil from Peter Jackson's adaption of The Hobbit. Why? Why not Legolas? Well, because Thranduil is the baddest elf out there. Who doesn't get freaked out and simultaneously intrigued by his High Badness? 

And there you go! Dinner is served!

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