Thursday, November 27, 2014

This is Not Just Any Band

This past weekend, I was one of the luckiest girls in the world. My amazing husband gave me the best Christmas/graduation from graduate school gift (although I am not quite yet graduated - February!!). I went to Grand Ronde, Oregon, to see my favorite band play their first show in a year. Yes, it may seem rather crazy that I spent a fair amount of money to fly to Oregon (which, by the way, is so beautiful it made my heart ache), just to see a band. 

Well, this is not just any band. 

This is A Silent Film.
Photo credit: Megan Gotch 

From the first time I saw them, I was in love with their music. I discovered them quite by accident. In July 2011, I was in desperate need for a girls' night out at a concert, but I almost didn't go, because my beloved grandmother had just passed away. However, with the urging of my family, saying that she would have wanted me to go, I took my sister and we went to see Thriving Ivory at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah. I adore TI ...but I left with another band in my mind. This band, whose passion was clear from the first note, who I had never heard of before, had slipped into my heart and I haven't been able to get them out.

With their songs in the background, I laugh. I cry. I dance. I sing loudly in the car, and Kid joins in. I clean the house, put away dishes, do homework, kiss owies, cook dinner...and I write. I write stories and poetry and blog posts about my life, and the lives of characters I dream up. I have said this before, but it can't be said enough: Their songs are the soundtrack to the stories in my head, and they have become sewn into the patchwork of my life.  

Not only does their music inspire me on a daily basis, I found other fans who love their music just as much as I do. We are called the Lamplighters, and many of these people have become a huge part of my life, and it's completely unexpected. I didn't think that because I had a common love for a band that these people would come to mean so much to me. 

My life would not be the same without Noel Ferreria, Megan Gotch, and Shawnte Pearson, three people who have laughed with me, cried with me, sung at the top of their lungs with me. Additionally, I have met other Lamplighters who I am happy to call my friends. I wouldn't have met these amazing people without ASF.

All of this is crowned by the fact that the "lads" are some of the most genuinely kind and gracious people I have ever met.

Sand and Snow, ASF's second record, became an album of anthems that held me together through an extremely difficult year. Many of the other Lamplighters have told me that ASF's music has gotten them through hard times, too, and has also been the background for some of their happiest moments. 

All of this, because of a band.

So yes, it might be crazy to some to jump on a plane and fly hundreds of miles to see a band, but this band means more to me than just their music. They are a symbol of the dreams I am pursuing, the love that I am giving, the friends I am making, the family I am raising.

They are sparks.