Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Kids are Rockstars

There is nothing like being at a live show, being up close and sometimes personal with a musician whose music has inspired you to write, listening to the songs that are the soundtrack to the stories in your head. The feel of the music in your very bones, the lights that flash in your eyes, seeing the musician as blood, bone, and flesh, not just a voice that comes from your speakers.

It's awe-inspiring and like nothing I feel in any other setting.

Except maybe with my girls. My kids are rockstars in their own little unique ways....

They are always a little up close and personal ("Mama! I need to be in the bathroom!"). The stories I read to them get stuck in my head ("It's Pajama Time!")  My bones ache at the end of the day after chasing, nagging, changing, cleaning, playing, singing, cooking, dancing, bathing, and at bedtime, I see light flashes from little feet kicking me in the head because my oldest has begged me to lay down by her.

They are my blood, bone, and flesh, little miracles who have invaded my life, keeping me up late, getting me up early, pushing keys on my computer as I try to write this post.

Miracles, I remind myself. Miracles whose little moments that fill up my entire day will one day be grown up and gone. Miracles I prayed for, and now I pray to have the patience each day to be a good mom, to not let the moments pass me by.

"Time falls away, but these small hours, these small hours, still remain." ~ Rob Thomas, "Little Wonders"