Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kid & Baby: Playing Dodgeball

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to eat again.

Okay, that’s maybe being a bit overdramatic.

I am not sure if I’ll ever be able to eat normally again, meaning using my utensils instead of my hands when I can grab a bite, or without leaving the table every other minute to refill milk, get a new fork, clean up a spill. Or without nagging my 5-year-old – I’ll call her Kid – to eat and bargaining how many bites she has to have before she can be done, or without convincing my 6-month-old – I’ll call her Baby – that smashed bananas in rice cereal is a-freaking-mazing.

I spend even more time dodging the gray lumpy mush-balls as she gum-grins and laughs.

I’m new to this mom thing. I’ve been a mother for five years, but up until three months ago, I was a working-outside-the-home-mom. Now, I’m home with my two girls, day in and day out, and wow. There are a lot of things I took for granted as a working mom.
Like the fact I could close the door to my office and take a lunch break, enjoying my food (and using a fork!) and maybe checking Facebook or reading my book. Or even working on my own book. I don’t really get many breaks now.

Or the fact that at my office, I could take a potty break – ahem, they were just called “breaks” at the office – but now, Kid talks to me through the door (“Mama, what are you doing? Mama, can I come in? Mama, I have to tell you something!”) and Baby chooses that time to be wet, messy, tired, or hungry, so she begins crying loudly, which, of course, brings Kid running to the door again: “Mama, sister is crying! You need to help her!”

There was also this magnificent thing called a productive morning. That was when I got all of my tasks done before noon, so I had the afternoon to catch up on other projects or start new ones.
Yeah, I’m pretty lucky if I get a shower in before 10:30. And the only reason it has to be no later than 10:30 is because I have to take Kid to kindergarten. And there is no way I can leave the house without my hair being done (naturally wavy/curly that smashes to one side in the night) or without at least a little makeup. So that part of my before-I-stayed-at-home hasn’t left me yet.

It helps that, along with my vanity, Kid likes to watch me do my makeup.

She likes to do her own, too.

That, however, is another story for another time…